Poor old British Airways – but could your business be next?

Yet again British Airways finds itself in the news for all the wrong reasons, as Simon Calder’s article in the Independent explains. But before anyone revels in BA’s discomfort, how many other businesses have had a similar if less public experience, or how many businesses will experience something similar soon? The new data protection regime, which came into effect earlier … Read More

“The Wild West for tech companies is over”

How many of us read the Privacy Notices of the companies who we give our personal data to? Would we ever challenge that business if we thought it was a data mining exercise and they were asking for more information than appeared necessary to deliver their service to us? Consumer attitude will be vital if the misuse of our personal … Read More

The inevitable – death, taxes and cyber-crime!

A recently published article in The Register suggests more data records have been lost or stolen in the first 6 months of 2017 than were compromised in the whole of 2016! In fact its worse. The amount stolen in the first half of the year is up 38% on last year’s total. And in the league table of miscreants, the UK comes … Read More

Beware of Geeks bearing gifts.

To misquote Virgil, “beware of Geeks bearing gifts.” Cloud based storage solutions have lots of benefits as this post suggests. However, it’s not all upside. So, organisations considering putting their data storage in the Cloud should tread carefully. Don’t necessarily believe all the sales patter and make sure you are an intelligent and informed customer. How do you do that? … Read More

Ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law

In reality however, EU Regulation in the form of GDPR, which will automatically become law in the member states, will come into effect next May. The UK Government’s announcement yesterday will merely seek to ensure the UK maintains parity with its European neighbours after Brexit. Having been asked to speak at various events held by the banking, financial services and … Read More

315 days and counting!

Whilst giving a talk on GDPR and cyber-security to members of the NAEA and ARLA the other evening, unsurprisingly many of the questions led back to GDPR. In particular one attendee asked that if they had already secured consent under the Data Protection Act to hold and use the personal data of someone selling or buying, letting or renting a … Read More

Whats in a name?

Well, search the news on the internet and you’ll see examples of the impact of such cyber attacks. Shipping and logistical businesses, pharmaceutical companies, marketing organisations, banks, all operationally hampered; even chocolate manufacturers.  There hardly seems to be a sector within the economy or corner of the globe not affected? It all starts with with the business’s strategy and in … Read More

BREAKING NEWS – “Petya” Ransomware Spreading Across Europe

BREAKING NEWS! Hot on the heals of WannaCry comes the latest ransomware to sweep across Europe, “Petya” as its being dubbed. Systems, which failed to deploy Microsoft patches following the WannaCry attack are proving to be vulnerable. As the attack develops and it consequences become known, we will issue updates. Watch this space! Share this Post

Email Accounts Hacked

Indications are however, that this “brute force” attack might have compromised less than 1% of accounts, which is good, unless you’re affected by the 1%.  Apparently, the common theme to the accounts that have been breached is poor adherence to password protocols by the owners of those accounts.  How good are the staff in your business and do your company’s … Read More

WannaCry – still disabling businesses – what about yours?

Well, despite efforts to secure systems back in May, this week Honda’s Sayama plant in Japan was hit by WannaCry as it found its way into aging technology and outdated software, halting production. Maybe your business is secure, or at least you think it is.  To be sure, why not undertake some quick and simple testing?Share this Post Share this … Read More