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Key Service Details

Unfortunately, sometimes the determined cyber-criminal will still get through. An attack might become apparent after the event or in the case of a trojan attack on your bank account or a ransomware attack locking down your systems, it might unfold before your very eyes. How will your organisation respond? Do you have immediate actions your staff should take to try and counter the attack business continuity plans to ensure the subsequent operation of the business can continue? The team at Millbridge Cyber Security can help develop these plans as well as simulated incidents to check those plans have been communicated and understood by the personnel who will have to apply them.

•Immediate action plans in response to an ongoing attack

•Business Continuity Plans to sustain operations after an attack

Service Benefits

•Potential to stop or minimise the effects of an ongoing attack

•Potential to reduce the effects of an attack

•Ability to react proactively to an attack, recover to “business as usual” as quickly as possible and protect your business’s reputation