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Key Service Details

If you are considering upgrading or renewing your IT systems, security architecture is where we would recommend you start. If you wish to maximise your security and minimise your costs security architecture should be at the foundation of your organisation’s systems, not an afterthought shoe-horned in, halfway through your project. That tends to be unnecessarily expensive. A good security framework and methodology for application will help define your IT lifecycle with the term “Secure by Design” being the guiding principle.

* Full spectrum design and project delivery capability

* Enterprise solutions

* Cryptography

* Firewalls

* Wireless networks

* Data storage solutions (onsite or Cloud based)

* Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

* Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) integration

* Business continuity solutions

* Training needs analysis

* Supporting plans, policies and procedures

Service Benefits

* Secure by design – place security architecture at the core of the system.

* Designed to minimise maintenance burden.

* 90% of cyber breaches can be attributed to a human root cause; focus on the human interface and reduce the risk of failure.

* Ensure the most cost effective solution.