Security Monitoring

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Key Service Details

So you have a cyber security strategy and you have technology in place helping your business to operate in the digital space. But, you might want to know if you have been attacked so that you can act quickly to counter the consequences. Or better still, if the behaviours of your staff might be creating vulnerabilities, which a cyber-criminal could exploit or perhaps even presage an internal attack and a data theft, maybe you would like to know in order to counter a potential attack. If you want your systems to be monitored so that you can be alerted we can help.

We can implement procedures to monitor external or internal traffic to alert system administrators to attempts to deliberately breach the organisations systems or unusual activity which seeks to circumvent existing protocols. The monitoring can cover:

•Network traffic

•Internet traffic

•VPN traffic

•Web application traffic

•Website Traffic

•Internal user behaviours

•Unusual data downloads or data transmissions

Service Benefits

•Appropriate monitoring can warn of an intrusion before the consequences impact upon the organisation providing an opportunity for a proactive response.

•Reveal potential vulnerabilities in the organisations systems and processes to inform continuous improvement.