BREXIT – like boiled eggs

Whether you prefer your BREXIT like your breakfast boiled egg, soft or hard. Or whether you are heartily fed up with boiled eggs and simply crave a slice of toast or a bowl of cereal instead, boiled eggs are clearly on the menu for the foreseeable future!

Hopefully having grabbed your attention, even if only momentarily, I’ll drop the metaphor for no other reason than I’m not sure how I can further intertwine it with Data Protection. Except to say that if the UK leaves the European Union, and depending upon how it leaves, it could well impact the way your business manages its data protection responsibilities.

Is this something you were aware of? And has your business considered how it might react if required.

The good news is that there are a couple of positives in this particular issue. The first is that unlike stockpiling this shouldn’t require you to spend much, if any money. Forget having to abandon “just in time” and the need to secure extra warehouse capacity at some exorbitant rent. In this instance you need to simply understand your continued responsibility for transparency with those whose data you hold. Which comes to the second positive; the opportunity to reinforce the trust messaging between your business, its customers, employees and suppliers.

Assuming the UK leaves the EU under some sort of deal, which includes a transition period, then likely as not alignment to the GDPR and its obligations surrounding the transfer of data outside of the European Economic Area should remain unchanged. But leave without a deal, or on World Trade Organisation terms, depending on which label you prefer, and then business does have further data protection issues to consider, (possibly in a short timescale) assuming the business wishes to be compliant?

Flash back a year, possibly more depending upon how last minute your organisation’s GDPR preparations where and revisit the data analysis you undertook in order to meet your GDPR Article 30 (1e) obligations. Depending upon what your documented data mapping results reveal, you will know in an instant whether your business has more to do. You can then update your update your privacy notices, policies and procedures as necessary. And then take the opportunity to communicate you’re your customers, staff and business partners further engendering confidence with them that your business is properly managing data protection and building trust in the process.

If that sounds like nonsense, overkill and your still of the opinion that all this data protection stuff is a complete waste of time, then please take a moment to read our other blog this month, which gives an insight into the direction of travel of this whole data protection issue…………. a clue, it’s not going away!

Need help with preparing for BREXIT, data mapping or regulatory compliance, please get in touch.

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