Do you or your company use DocuSign? – Tread carefully!

Hot on the heels of the possibility that your passwords might have been compromised following an “unauthorised access incident”  at OneLogin, you might now be the target of bogus emails from DocuSign.

Back in the middle of last month DocuSign revealed that they had been breached, but they reassured users that no personal details had been stolen, just email addresses.  However, a few weeks later those email addresses are being used to send users of DocuSign’s service emails purporting to be from DocuSign.  You’ll be asked to click on a hyperlink to review and sign a document, invoice or similar and if you do………… that will be your fatal mistake. They’ll be in, deploying malware onto your device and into your system.

So, if you aren’t expecting to receive something from DocuSign, don’t open that link and if you are, ………

….. well proceed with caution.  If your business needs further advice, why not contact us?

In the meantime if you have colleagues or friends who use, or have used DocuSign, please share this post with them so they are, as the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed.”

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