Good News

Whilst chatting with a colleague about choosing a subject for a new post, they asked if I had any good news cyber security stories?  And as I looked across the various news organisations and cyber media feeds, I found myself struggling.

Since the NHS went into spasm just a week ago, DocuSign has been hacked and email addresses stolen, which could be used for future phishing expeditions.  Later in the week  the food delivery and restaurant booking service Zomato was also breached and the details of 17 million users stolen. And today the BBC revealed how they had got around HSBC’s voice recognition security system.  Little good news in any of that?

So, I considered writing a piece about how none of our clients had fallen victim to the WannaCry ransomeware, which is either down to ours and their good efforts to keep on top of their cyber security, or maybe there’s some good fortune in there too?  But decided that could either sound a bit smug or might even tempt the “cyber gods” into reaping their revenge upon us all next week.

So, I guess we come back to WannaCry and hope that the good news from this debacle is that within every dark cloud there is a silver lining?  Its hopefully raised awareness?  People will be more discerning before opening emails with links or attachments and take a careful note of the full email address of the sender: look familiar?  At the same time, firms might see the shortsightedness of running out of date systems, which might harbour more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Meantime, feeling as if I’ve failed to find any really good news stories this week, if anyone out there has any they want to share, (no bugs or viruses please, just good news) I’d been happy to look into it and come up with something more uplifting for people to read early next week.

Meanwhile if you’re looking for a shot in the arm at the end of a long week, don’t worry next week sees us just a year away from the GDPR coming into force.  And if that means nothing to you, watch this space next week……………

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