Good old fashioned crime? Or, something more sinister?

This morning’s Today program on BBC Radio 4 drew a link between the NHS WannaCry ransomware attack, last month, and North Korea.  Breaking news?  Well, Millbridge Systems highlighted the chatter regarding this theory back on 16th May.

That aside, the media still seem to be perusing the idea that this was a criminal act for financial gain.  Yet the amount of money raised in this ransomware escapade seems pitiful by comparison with other cyber attacks and the money is reportedly still sitting in the original bitcoin accounts, untouched.  So, can we not assume that criminality and financial gain were not the motivators. Put that line of inquiry aside and look elsewhere?

If as reported, it is believed that responsibility for WannaCry sits at the doors of the Lazarus group.  A band of hackers previously linked to the Sony hack back in 2014. And it is believed the Sony attack was launched in retribution for Sony’s release of a comedic film depicting the death of Kim Jong-un North Korea’s supreme leader.  Would it be too much of a leap to link the North Korean regime with WannaCry?  In which case what could possibly be the motivation, if not financial?  As the rest of the world seeks to exert pressure on the North Korean regime, both economic and military, maybe this was their way of sending a message back?

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