Is your business looking after its data properly?

Is your employer or the company you “do business” with looking after your personal data?

If you’re a business, is the data you have shared with clients or suppliers being correctly stored and protected?

In a personal rather than professional capacity, one of our team recently came across a professional services company who had been the subject of a ransomware attack. According to their IT consultants, the company was delighted that because they had an uncorrupted backup, that they were able to avoid paying the ransom and reinstate their data. But at the same time they seemed to care little for what might have been stolen of their clients data or the implications of this breach for their clients. It was pointed out that in less than a year’s time, with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations, such an attitude would probably precipitate the end of their business? A sobering thought.

In the last year, the Information Commissioner’s Office has doubled the total value of fines handed down under the Data Protection Act to almost £3.3 million. TalkTalk were given a record fine of £400,000 for their 2015 data breach. Yet had it happened under GDPR this fine could have exceeded £70 million!

The Information Commissioners Office is expected to increase its staffing by 40% in preparation for the arrival of the GDPR. How ready is your business? Or your business’s supply chain? Does your business have a cyber security strategy? And where does information (data) security sit within that?

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