Have your passwords been compromised?

Well, if you thought OneLogin was the answer to the problem of remembering those many long and tricky alpha / numeric passwords, with a few upper case letters and symbols thrown in for good measure, you might want to think again?

But its okay I hear you exclaim, they’re encrypted!


Possibly, not any more.

OneLogin’s Chief Security Officer, Alvaro Hoyos, “fessed” up yesterday that they were aware of an “unauthorised access” incident. In layman’s terms that means they’ve been hacked! And although the monitoring team at OneLogin spotted the breach and shut it off, it wasn’t before the cyber criminals had achieved a certain degree of success. Sadly, if you’re a user of OneLogin, that success may mean that they have not only stolen sensitive customer date, but also the means to decrypt the encrypted data.

If you know of anyone who uses OneLogin, please share this post with them so they have the opportunity to take action, quickly. Thanks.

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