MSP (Managed Service Provider)

Just like the water from the taps and the electric lights in your office, we assume you’d just like your IT to work?
So, if IT isn’t your specialist subject and you’re looking for….
  • a trusted partner, who can keep your business connected, (from end to end) and ……
  • explain the “art of the possible” in plain, non-technical and unpatronizing terms and …..
  • help solve today’s problems and help you anticipate future needs

Remember… “all service providers are NOT the same…” …now what’s the question?

Laptop with a hand accessing internet services from a managed service provider

MSP services typically, can include the following:

We can design a service appropriate to your business.

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

The design, implementation, and proactive management of your IT infrastructure. Including servers, networks, storage systems, user devices, (desktops, laptops tablets and phones) as well as other hardware components.
Cloud IT Services

Cloud Services

Advising on and delivering cloud computing solutions, allowing your business to leverage the benefits of cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. This includes cloud migration, deployment, and ongoing management.
Computer Network security Services

Network Security

We deliver robust security measures to protect your business’s networks, systems, and data from cyber threats. This involves firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus solutions, data encryption, and regular security audits.

Lady at a computer laptop doing Data back-up and recovery

Data Backup and Recovery

If the integrity and availability of data is critical to your business’s operations, we’ll help design and implement backup and disaster recovery solutions to minimise the risks of data loss or system failure to keep your staff working. This includes regular data backups, off-site storage, and recovery strategies.

Proactive monitoring IT maintenance

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Millbridge Systems employs remote monitoring tools to proactively track the performance of your business’s information systems. The aim being to optimise their performance or identify potential issues before they cause significant disruptions to help maximise your business’s productivity.
Vendor Management

Vendor Management

If it helps, we can act as a single point of contact for managing relationships with technology vendors. Including advising on the selection and procurement of hardware as well as software, negotiating contracts, and coordinating support services.
Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support

When it does go wrong, whether as a result of equipment failure or user error our friendly, locally based support team will assist with troubleshooting issues, resolving problems, and providing guidance and training.
Meeting with IT Professionals sitting at table discussing IT Services

IT Consulting and Strategy

Leveraging our wealth of experience, we can provide strategic input and IT consulting services to help you align your technology initiatives with your overall business goals to help ensure ROI. This includes assessing current IT infrastructure, recommending improvements to optimise current capabilities and planning for future technology needs as your business develops.