Technology is a fantastic enabler offering enormous opportunity.​

Interference or interruption in the technology your organisation relies upon, or the theft or loss of the data your technology is storing or communicating can be disruptive and costly.​ More positively, employ good security in your use of technology and data and you can build trust with your customers, clients, partners and suppliers, enhancing your reputation and brand.​

​At Millbridge we have the knowledge and experience to help you maximise the opportunities, whilst mitigating the risks.​ So, whether you’ve put in place appropriate measures and now need to demonstrate regulatory compliance?​ Or you want help understanding your responsibilities in order to meet your obligations, whilst avoiding wasted time and effort over-delivering?


Subject Matter Expertise

To maximise the business opportunities offered by technology, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining the bond of trust between your organisation and its customers, employees and business partners, good advice based on knowledge and experience, can be invaluable.

Discreet Support – If you have a specific cyber security or data protection query, such as “should we allow staff to use their own devices at work,” or “what are the risks associated with remote working,” or maybe you’d like to better understand your business’s obligations and your board’s responsibilities, we can offer tailored advice and support to meet your business’s particular needs.

Fractional Leadership – If technology and the use of data is actually a fundamental element to your business’s success, do you need someone on the “Home Team,” whose looking after the Business’s best interests and who can spot the opportunities whilst managing the risks to help take your business forward?

Risk Management – Organisations are required to adopt and demonstrate “appropriate measures.” But what is appropriate?  At the heart of managing cyber security and data protection well, is good risk management.  To some the concept and methodologies are second nature, but to others its less familiar. Expert input can help you identify the things you need to do and avoid you wasting time and money on the things you don’t.


Cyber Security

So your business uses technology to deliver your products or services and to communicate with customers, suppliers and business partners.  But is it secure? Is that security appropriate given the nature of your business? As you update or introduce new technology are there security implications?

Vulnerability Testing – To comply with regulations, organisations must be able to demonstrate that they regularly review and if necessary update their security measures.  Vulnerability testing can be a relatively quick and low cost means of documenting that the business does this and is therefore compliant. It may also help ensure your IT support team, whose security knowledge might be superficial, are doing the right things to help protect your business, its money and reputation.

Security Architecture – Maybe your testing identified vulnerabilities in your systems, which it would be prudent to address? Or you are planning an upgrade to your technology (hardware or software)? In either instance a Security Architect can help you understand the security implications and avoid costly mistakes.  Engaging with some expert advice in the early planning and design stages of your project will reap benefits.

Security Operations Centre – Data Protection regulations require organisations put in place measures to detect a breach of their systems and the loss or theft of data. Monitoring your business’s digital activities using a SOC is an efficient means of alerting the business to potential criminal activities such as unauthorised access of your systems, delivery of malicious software and the loss or theft of data. Whether your business is large or small the service is scalable, with costs depending upon the volumes of data to be monitored. It therefore represents a very affordable option, even for small businesses.


Data Protection

Since May 2018 organisations have had ae explicit legal obligation to protect the personal data they control or process. As important, but often forgotten is a business’s IP (intellectual property) whether that is commercial data, such as tenders, pricing information and contracts or technical data such as designs, processes or performance analysis.

Compliance – The most important element of compliance is being able to demonstrate what you’ve done.  So documentation is critical if you actually want to protect your business.  There doesn’t need to be massive amounts of it, but what you do produce needs to be right.  Whether you want someone to simply review what you’ve produced to reassure you that what  you’ve done is right. Or, you’re not really sure where to start and don’t want to waste your time and money doing the wrong thing.  We have experts on the team who can guide you as necessary.

Commercial Support (Tendering & Data Sharing) – Whether you operate B2B and need to provide appropriate assurances (such as Cyber Essentials) to corporate clients in order to submit compliant tenders or to prequalify as an approved supplier?  Or a B2C organisation, which needs to engender trust with its customers by putting in place appropriate data sharing agreements with its suppliers?  We have experienced commercial advisers on our team, whose expertise can help you get it right.

Awareness & Training – Statistically the route cause of most cyber incidents / data breaches will be human.  Staff who are aware of the issues, appropriately trained and supported by sensible business processes can be an organisation’s best defence rather than their greatest liability. Whether your board or employees could benefit from some initial awareness training, so they understand their obligations.  Or, ongoing communications to update them as the cybercrime landscape shifts, we can provide simple, sensible and pragmatic solutions.


IT and Cloud

Almost all businesses now have a cloud first strategy, Millbridge have experts in setup, security and deployment of all major cloud service providers.

Azure – Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful platforms on the planet. It offers users a wide range of services to support infrastructure, applications, data and AI.

Infrastructure   – Businesses depend on a network and system infrastructure for all aspects of daily operations. The Millbridge team have vast experience in design, build, installation and maintenance of network and server system from small office to global companies.